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rohit chavane

I'm Rohit.

Marketer, maker & pizza lover 🍕

Building one project at a time

SaaSHook ⚡

45+ psychological hooks to convert SaaS website visitors

200+ active users

Notion for Marketers

25+ templates to plan your marketing activities in Notion

coming soon

Data Studio Rocks 🤘

10+ customized Google Data Studio templates

coming soon

I can help you with...

User Acquisition

I can help you with the organic acquisition, paid campaigns, and co-marketing partnerships to acquire new leads & product signups.

Funnel Optimization

Want to convert your existing traffic & users down the funnel? I can help you run the growth experiments using CRO tactics.

Workflow Automation

Spending too much time on repetitive tasks? Let me automate a few things for you. I can help in setting up workflows using Zapier or Automate.io.

Marketing Analytics

Not sure what's working for you? Let me take a look at your Google Analytics, Mixpanel, HubSpot and make it easier for you to visualize the whole picture.

Worked with growing SaaS startups

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