Building a portfolio
of small bets


Hi, I'm Rohit from India. I'm the founder of SaaSHook & Flowby. I'm building a portfolio of tiny bets that will help me become a full-time creator.Currently, I'm working with Keyhole as an Acquisition Marketing Manager.I've helped SaaS companies like, Flock, FreshLearn, Outplay, etc. grow their traffic, leads & conversions.



SaaSHook is your go-to Notion board with impactful marketing ideas. It covers acquisition as well as conversion tactics that'll help you grow your SaaS MRR.


Flowby is a monthly newsletter where I pick a random marketing use case & write about the workflow automation ideas that save time.



Skyrocket your organic traffic & qualified leads. From technical SEO to on-page & off-page, I know in's & out's to get your SaaS ranked in the Google search.

Landing Page

Don't let your future customers drop off your website. My in-depth feedback will help you increase the conversion rate of your SaaS landing pages.


Spending hours doing manual & repetitive work every week? Let me automate some of it for you so that you can focus on those tasks that matter the most.


Have a leaky-bucket issue in your marketing-sales funnel? Nothing to worry about! I can dig into your funnel data & find out what's causing the issue.

Flow Review

Get your SaaS users to the Aha! moment during their onboarding journey. I can review the flow & recommend changes that will get them hooked!

Side Project

Acquire niche users by launching a micro product using no-code tools. I can help you identify & launch such side projects that'll help you grow your SaaS.

Don't trust me?

"We've seen 35% growth in our organic traffic, which led us 3x our trials in just 6 months. Passion and commitment put Rohit apart! Always curious to learn new things and keeps pushing the bar. Pleasure working with him."

Ashok Gudibandla, CEO

"Rohit proved to be a brilliant person to work with respect to clarity towards copywriting in B2B SAAS space specifically. I found him as someone with great experience as well as a deep understanding of marketing solutions as he helped with detailed feedback on our landing pages. His hands-on strategy in copywriting, marketing, and strong character won him the respect of the team."

Himanshu Gupta, Co-founder - Grorapid

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